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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Like Rain For The Ocean

If Christ were here on Earth, what would he do? Surely he would lift his hand to feed and clothe the world. How would he do it though? Would he raise his magic wand like a magician and make the world a better place? (Thank you Pope Francis) Maybe he would create a multibillion dollar business to seek out and care for people? Maybe he would go out on his own, and cure the world one person at a time, similar to his mortal life on Earth? Really though, what would he do?

As I pondered these questions the answer came to me, almost as clear as if it were the spoken word. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ did start a multibillion dollar business, and he called it The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (Maybe it’s not a business as most of think of a business, but it is a business nonetheless.) Then, since he couldn't be here to perform the work one-by-one himself, he called his “employees”, and “business associates” to do it for him, to lift the world one person at a time.

At first glance, it’s a wonder that lifting the world one person at a time would be very effective. There are over 7 billion people after all. It’s a tall order, even for the Lord’s church, and still remains tall after including the billions of churches and civic organizations involved in the work. However, it is the most effective way. Why is that? Because “He recognizes the great worth of each of Heavenly Father’s children.” (Elder Hugo E. Martinez, “Our Personal Ministries”) The Lord wants each person to feel cared for as an individual, not as an impersonal group. He understands the human psyche, and our need for closeness. He knows us, and wants us to know each other.

So, we then have a duty, each of us, to lift others in our little part of the world, whether they be strangers, friends, or enemies. The little acts of service we perform, no matter how small, will contribute to a larger ocean of Christlike acts throughout the world, and as we all work to lift each other up, the world will be lifted as well.